Evolution March 28th 2018

I must apologise to C&N (sounds like the place I bought jackets from in the 80’s) for neglecting to mention they are further up the evolutionary ladder than both myself and M. These things happen, it’s probably because a tendon in my wrist is less advanced that theirs.


      • It might not be available with your theme. I’m not sure. When you go to customize your page, widget is one of the options. It’s basically a box you can stick on the side, or bottom, and you can fill it with whatever (for example: text). The cool thing is it would appear next to every one of your posts, so we could have a cheat sheet for the names.
        Alternatively, you could add a page to the top of your menu with the names/ description, so we know who’s the mother, father, brother, etc. Just thinking out loud.

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      • You definitely have your hands full. April is going to be busy for me, too, so I sympathize. Hopefully your house work will have a happy ending. I look forward to your A-Z April blog (whatever that might be). Good to be back!


      • Also, you’re lucky with your Easter break. Here in the States there is no break. You can celebrate Easter Sunday or not. It’s just like any other weekend, really. So depressing for someone who grew up with a few extra days off around this season.


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