April 2nd 2018


“Allo Dave, can I speak to Dave please?”

Papa Lazarou, the league of gentlemen, I saw this graffiti and it made me laugh, it was in Wales and yet translates equally well back into my native tongue! (only kidding Welshies, love you all.)

Today is the Monday after Easter, off the top of my head I can’t remember what it’s called; Easter Monday, Good Monday, Hangover Monday? Who cares? What I remember back in the day was that Easter Hangover Monday was the day that we all thought we could go out for another day of solid recreation, drinking mainly ,with a possibility of a snog later on if you were lucky. Of course by the time the light had gone and the last of the winter cold was really starting to hit; not letting go. I think we thought Springtime meant t-shirts and sitting outside in the pub gardens until we were asked to leave, smoking fags and meeting everyone there, mixing and making friends. Then maybe back to somebodies house who had some wine and on and on. Tuesday wouldn’t even be a thought as we were on holiday; University didn’t start for ages, or I was on the dole so nothing really mattered, i’d get my CV sorted on Thursday, I’d go down to the library and use the computer there.

So when did Easter Monday turn into the day we travel? Its happened today, took us nearly 6 hours to drive back from Norfolk to Shrawley; nearly double the journey time. I still think maybe all my friends are sat in the pub for lunchtime getting the beers in and I still feel like I’m missing out. They would be planning on having lunch but then everyone didn’t turn up at the same time so lunch was postponed and during this time more and more points were drunk, a couple of bowls of chips have been bought to soak up the booze, the kids are running riot in the garden pilled up on coke and fanta, and covered in mud from playing football. The sun is out, golden bitter and cider is being downed pint after pints, bottles of wine are coming out in coolers, and someone had started on the gin, large one please!

I’m stuck in Wisbech, and we’ve never driven through this town before, I wonder why we are now. I threaten that I’ll be going up top the pub when we get back, but of course I don’t. I’m exhausted and the spring holidays have only just begun, it was great to see the relatives, plans have been made to visit and have them visit us. Yeah, isn’t this great, we’ve got a long hot summer ahead and things to plan for.

Problem is life gets in the way, I’m sure we’ll see folk, I’m sure we’ll travel to see friends, but our kids are here with their friends, my daughter has 2 jobs, and we are constantly knackered. I am slowly coming around to realising that I am getting on a bit, I don’t like it and haven’t altogether accepted it. Ive realised i’d rather write this for an hour or two than go up to the pub!

Cheers folks, I’m back into the woods tomorrow, lets see if the Wooden Enemies have come up in abundance yet, they need to pave the way for the bluebells.


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