April 5th 2018.


It’s the first Thursday of the first month of the new financial year and we have Wheelie Bin Chaos. New bin, different colour, normals say grey, council says black; it’s not. I was going to say we don’t know what day things go to the tip but maybe its me, maybe I’m now experiencing what you Londoners and big city slickers have been enduring for years now. Maybe so, but the off shoot was that only one was taken, theres a rotation, and sooner or later i’ll get into the groove and work it out, until then it’s shooting season.

Plus look at the fucking weather, it was amazing and there is no filter, not this time. But there is with this photo which I happen to think looks a little like a Spanish Dancer who should probably be rattling some castanets


Today, I feel slightly sad, maybe worn out a bit, I’ve had some good messages and some bad, some times I do feel like i’m speaking to thin air, but I can see shitty stats as much as the next blogger and actually some people do like it.

I was working near Upton in Severn today, needed a piss and the car park was free for 2 hours, until April 15th, plenty of time i thought. I parked up, did the business and walked into town to take some shots, the rain in Wales is swelling the Severn mightily, fortunately the flood defences exist, as maybe 10 years ago they didn’t and all the riverside properties were flooded; businesses and folks homes, or rather folks homes and the businesses, the businesses don’t have to sleep there, to make their food there, to play with the kids there.  Floods suck everyone, we all  know that.


Night night.


Sometimes I just want to know that what I do, what we all do has some sort of meaning. I do this because I think it has a meaning and a reason to exist.


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