April 22nd 2018

fullsizeoutput_1237A weekend of business, (Boo!) Fine home cooked curry and beer (Hooray!) And Exploration and Discovery in an unexplored part of the wood (Oooooh!)

In short a weekend which started sensibly and then rapidly descended into silliness and putting the world to right; its everyone else who is the problem. Last night I was meant to be doing my A-Z Challenge, which unfortunately was turned in late due to my falling asleep in my clothes on my bed covered in the crossword; thought it would lull me gently to sleep, I think I pretty much passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow!


Expecting to see a lot more of this now the bluebells are out and the tourists arrive. Just take the bags away you sods, there seems little point in collecting the shit and then leaving it for someone else to dispose of. This is the blighted British countryside of today.


Today, as I said a day of discovery and boy did we hit the jackpot! A covered lookout ledge, high above the floodplain, part man made, part natural. I found 2 primitive men co-habiting there with generic faces, like beigey pink balloons.


The female side of the family returned on the train bearing goods after a weekend hunting and gathering from the shops of Cardiff, I cooked a roast chicken and the yorkshire puddings; a) didn’t stick to the tray and b) were massive! My daughter covered me in a face pack, so I could blend in with Batman and his mates.


The music today is provided by Orbital. I suggest you watch it all with the sound high.

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