April 23rd 2018


Evening playmates, fresh from my A-Z blogging and just time for a quickie (actress/ bishop). Walking into the woods today N came down to my house in a change to the received and approved fashion, usually N would walk with M from the top of the village and C and I would come from the dip, to meet in the middle. We called M to ask him if he was walking having said the N wasn’t today. N said “This will blow M’s mind!”

What did happen was that myself, C and N walked down the track and looked across the oil seed field to see what looked like the floating torso of M above the tops of the crop. Our first thought was “Where’s N!?” Oh how we laughed!

We decided on the walk that Floating Torso was actually a rather good name for a thrash metal band and upon seeing the tadpoles swimming in the ever decreasing puddles of rain water, soon to be puddles of mud; it was decided that the tadpoles looked like floating torsos (to a certain extent) thrashing about in the shallow water, and so Floating Torso should be the name of a Tadpole thrash mental band if there were ever such a thing.

What a load of utter nonsense.


Thoughts turned to the tadpoles survival, if the puddles continued to dry out, what would happen to them, would they die, picked off one by one by eagle eyed buzzards, woodpeckers or woodcocks? Or would they burrow deep into the mud, unseen, to hibernate for a few days until the British summer time turns up again and the rain begins to piss down. We all decided we’ed like them to burrow into the mud and then emerge as frogs; frogs who live underground are naturally called Froglodites, (Dubious Fact of the Day for the regulars).

Bathroom is progressing as is the A-Z. I wonder which will be done first?! Heres a little bit of excitement to keep you avid readers on the edges of your seats.

And some music; today it’s LCD Soundsystem, so enjoy!

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