A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The Letter U.

A-Z Challenge 2018



This, I think, is the belly button, the protuberance or the opposite of that word, which is a peculiar shaped scar, left as a reminder to all of us, that once we were all mere attachments to our Biological Mother-factories. Thats right folks, we all grew inside our Mum’s Tums, we got too large to be in there, and then we came out and were released into the wide world. We were all wired up to our Mum’s Biological circuit board, using the all same nutrients and inputs as her, theres no way around it. All of us started off as Uterine dwelling creatures, and why not? What a fabulous place to be, a supremely comfortable place with everything you could possibly need, until one sees the outside world and realises that one has to have a ball, a set of colouring pens, a snazzy jacket, an expensive pair of trainers, a flat screen tv, an iPhone X… and so on and so on.

9 months we spend gestating, or growing, in our Mums Tums, we are then disconnected physically, but I suspect the physical bond still remains; mentally. The one who creates life, and lets life continue, must still have a bond. The same stuff as the Mum has in her is swirling around the blood vessels, and everything the new life is made from, come, apart from one sperm,  from the Mum; everything!

I know where I came from, and my umbilicus is an Innie, some people have an Outie, there is no magic as to why this is so, it is fully dependant on how the umbilical cord is cut after birth. An accident after birth which doesn’t mean anything. What matters to me about my Umbilicus, is that I have one and I was privileged to be attached to someone, no longer with us, who saw fit to give me life and then arrange for my life to be in the best possible hands because she thought she could not give that to me given her circumstances at the time.

She was right, I’ve had the best folks and no one can deny that. So I need to say Thanks once again.

One final thing, when my daughter was born over 14 years ago now (!), I was asked if I wanted to cut the umbilical cord. I was watching my wife from the business end at the time and jumped at the chance. So my daughter was born and I detached her from Mum’s Tum, and it’s only now as I write that I’ve realised I was there right at the beginning, and then right at the end (of the pregnancy). I gave her half her DNA and I gave her an Outie, Mrs T. gave her life.



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