April 24th 2018

Tragic news, the tadpoles do not seem to burrow in to the muddy puddles to survive, no what happens is far worse. The puddles dry out, the water disappears, the tadpoles run out of space, they dry out and they die. This is nature at its most cruel as far as the tadpoles are concerned. We’ve had rain today, later on in the afternoon which will probably be too late for many of our swimming friends, but it may help others.

I Googled how long they can survive out of the water when we were walking, the phone pre-empted the question, the answer seems is one or two minutes  max; Bummer.

Then Hattie rolled at full stretch on her back in a load of fox shit! Always funny when you haven’t got a dog, my time will come, and then C, M and N can laugh at me! Stinky, really stinky.

Anyone know what a sloppy Joe is? I’d never heard of it until today, this morning and if I could remember the recipe and constituents I could include it as an undisputed fact of the day and credit it to C. I’ll ask you to just believe; C knew!

M does not need to lose weight either, I do, however.


Thats it pop pickers, all done apart from some music, tonight its Carter USM.


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