A-Z Challenge: My Theme; Adoption. The Letter V.

A-Z Challenge 2018



In recent months and years there has been an awful lot of column inches in the news about the numbers of people, in UK specifically, who have switched to a vegan way of life regards their health,  their diet and their eating habits. It is estimated now in the UK that around or just less than 1% of the total population is a practicing vegan, which is around about 600,000 people, it is thought that teenagers make up a large proportion of that figure, how many? We don’t know.

Now this link is tenuous and in actual fact really has nothing to do with adoption, apart from a question I asked my self while reading some headlines about vegans. I thought to my self, I wonder how many people are adopted each year, and what sort of figures would make it a newsworthy story? I’ve done some fag packet research as to how many adopted people are in the UK at this moment in time, surely there are more than there are vegans? If so then why aren’t we shouting louder about adoption? I’ve found an article that estimates having been 875,000 adoptions of children since 1926 in the UK. Up until 1968 adoptions were on the rise peaking at around 24,000 annually and then they fell into decline reaching a low point in 1998 of 4387. This was in part due to changes in the law and the process which took time and slowed it down massively which put a lot of people off. The government has since made efforts to simplify the application and acceptance process; it has helped and the last available figures show there were a little over 5000 children adopted in 2014.

Its good to see kids in need of a home are getting a home, but the sad fact of today’s Britain is there are many more kids in care than there are wiling adoptive parents for them. This makes me sad, and it also makes me appreciate how lucky I was and still am.

So there we have it, there are potentially more successfully adopted children over the last 90 years than there are vegans in the country right now. I suspect that the youngest adoptee would be around 90 years old now and so I’m sure also a fair amount of them would have passed away, BUT, I reckon there are still probably about the same number or potentially a little more adopted folks alive today in UK than there are vegans. It’s not a scientific poll by any stretch, and it doesn’t really prove anything. I’m not aiming to force a rift between the vegan and adopted population and if the adopted population is anything similar to the UK population as a whole then maybe less than 1% of adoptees are also vegan, so about 8750 people. It’s ok to be both, or one, or the other; it’s fine.

All I’m saying is that we are a significant amount of people, that we are not alone, and maybe we should talk about it more often. That’s it.

V was tricky and I apologise for the terrible link, but it’s my blog, etc….


  1. I was horrified when I saw what V stood for. I was worried you’d admit to being vegan.
    All jokes aside, that was quite an interesting read. I’m right there with you. There are some great causes that don’t see the light of day as much as some of lesser importance. But then again, who am I to judge the level of importance?


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