April 25th 2018.

Blimey this A-Z Challenge is becoming really tricky, I’m so near the end, and in truth I am really looking forward to crossing the line and collecting my cigar! It makes me forget what on earth has happened of interest in the woods today, so forgive the disjointedness of this post, what with the challenge, the bathroom, work and retirements at work meaning ultimately I will have to work harder and longer I’m all puffed out.

The important facts of today are as follows.

a) Tadpoles do not survive in the dry pools, they dry up and become Deadpoles, its a shame and no amount of rehydration can save them. Fortunately the good old British weather stepped in and so the forest floor is soaking wet once more.

b) The fallen Silver Birch which has been a feature of our exit from the woods has been cut and cleared from the pathway it was half blocking, today it felt weird not stepping over the various branches.

c) The installation had had the lego man moved from his look out spot on the monolith (new readers you’ll have to look back, its all in here somewhere!)

d) Today I figured a nice theme would be rebirth and growth, so I’ve taken some shots of pretty buds and the like.

e) My mate N is liking 6 music when he fits the bathroom, this is called progress, planned rock was unavailable on my DAB radio.


Some Music in a minute, and there will be more fun stuff tomorrow, theres just not enough minutes in the day.


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