A-Z Challenge: Reflections

A-Z Reflections


Without appearing too melodramatic, I found the A-Z Challenge one of the hardest exercises I have ever done. On the one hand I found the discussion of my particular adoption and my life in an anonymous public domain strangely liberating like singing at top volume in the mountains. But on the other hand I found, on a technical level, the whole process incredibly difficult. I found myself thinking about what word was going to be my buzz word for the next particular day, and found myself panicking when nothing came to mind. If nothing did come to mind then i’d try and employ some (I thought) devious scheme to try and cheat the rules. But as all teachers and parents will say, “You’re only cheating yourselves”.

How very true that is.

I found, in the days after completion, I was questioning my blog, about the point of it, and could I really be arsed to continue. I mean who reads this stuff anyway? I’ve no real big story to tell, I’m just a normal bloke who happens to walk with 3 others in a beautiful wood with 2 dogs between the 4 of us. So for a few days, or nearly a week I teetered on the edge of having a few weeks off, but then I’m not sure if i’d start again, and the whole point of this, for me personally, is to improve and explore my own writing. Which I think I am doing slowly but surely.

To write about my adoption was cathartic, and totally worthwhile as far as I can see.

I hope you all enjoyed it, the rough and the smooth!

Keep on keeping on.



  1. That sounded a tad bit melodramatic.
    Kudos to you for doing an (almost) every day challenge. I don’t think I could.
    And to use such a difficult topic must have not been easy.
    We all question our blogs from time to time, but I hope you stick to it. Re-adjust your blogging schedule if you must, but taking a lengthier break does knock you out of the rhythm. It IS hard to get back in.

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