May 9th 2018


Without looking up there would be no down, said an incredibly wise man, or me just now. Its somewhere I look quite often and from the photos I have taken looking up, there seems to be a similar spot for upward viewing. I love how the trees almost leave little paths between each other, tendrils of sky. I like that it’s neat.

There was no M today for whatever reason, and with just N stood in the pathway through the oil seed, we were looking for M; a common joke, almost daily is for one of them to hide. That’s funny no matter how many times you do it. I was off road in the woods with my boy at the weekend, and some people appeared in the field below us, well we heard their voices first, so I said quickly,



“Why? Because its fun, thats why.”

And that my friends is why you should hide, it’s the joke that just keeps on giving, its fun and will never cease to be as far as I’m concerned. All children should be encouraged to hide as often as possible.

Sad news from the tadpole puddles, there are clusters of  tadpoles slithering and thrashing over each other, are they trying to keep each other alive? Are there some “Tadpole-puddle martyrs” (pretty proud of that one), or are these the final death throes of a dying population?


These two seem to be snuggling together like a couple on a rising ship, as the waters subside and the decks dry out, it’s the opposite of the Titanic story for tadpoles I guess.fullsizeoutput_12f6

Work is becoming pretty shit at the moment; new boss trying to make a name for himself, throwing his weight around and seemingly more interested in the way forms are filled in rather than what we are producing for the company, trying to catch us out. Theres plenty of conspiracy theories as to why he’s there; to push some of the older guys out into retirement, to dishearten some of the younger guys and drive them out to find another job, or to completely demoralise all of us and drive us all out! It’s no way to run a company, the rewards are meagre and the punishments relentless for some people. Its now becoming pretty clear that some folks are being picked upon, which is in itself rubbish.

I seem pretty safe at present but seeing how some people are being treated makes me sad. Problem is, like Red in Shawshank, I’m institutionalised, theres no where for me to go, I’d find it hard to survive on the outside! Genuinely I feel like i’d find it really hard to fit in to a normal job, I’ve been here 18 years, some of my work mates have been here over 40 years, most have been here over 35! I’ve still got a long way to go before I can go.

But a light at the end of the tunnel is the bathroom’s progress towards completion. Happy days.


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