June 18th 2018

Aah, so much water under the bridge since last week, and a weekend full of all things F:

Football, it’s the world cup! (I know my  American readers like to call it soccer but I won’t recognise that term, a bit like the Turkish half of Cyprus) Officially it is Association Football; Assoc. Football as I am Assoc. RICS for what its worth, give us a job which is better paid than the one I’m in now. It’s a real shame; I love my job but every year they ask for more and more and more, without a raise in salary and the feeling is now turning slightly more sour with a lot of us. People are not happy. And I know were all in the same boat.

Family Company business; officially the oldest most antiquated fax driven investment company is finally being guided slowly blinking into the light from 40 years in manacles crammed into the musty front room of a small flat. Its like Bill Maynard’s office in The Gaffer, oblique 1970’s reference for those of us old enough to remember such things through rose tinted glasses.

Fun and Friends over for a Saturday BBQ. I prepared a massive leg of lamb on the Friday night at about midnight as I’d forgotten to do so earlier on and was persuaded to watch a pretty mediocre film my daughter had recommended, it was so unmemorable I’ve forgotten the name and took a terrible formulaic path to reach the conclusion, there were no surprises. So this enormous lamb joint marinaded over night and after driving back from Acorn Antiques (family company) I lit the BBQ;  proper charcoal, yes I’m a purist; I like my music on vinyl, I like my cricket played over 5 days and I like my books made of paper, waited about 1/2 hour for the coals to whiten the whacked in the lamb, wrapped in foil with a cayenne pepper mix rub over the top and waited for 2 1/2 hours. I’ll post the recipe soon, someone looked like they had bitten a chunk out of the paper its printed on, so I feel I should rescue it. A great deal of wine, lager, prosecco and fatefully gin was drunk over the course of the night, a cursory look at the gin bottle revealed on Sunday that maybe my weights and measures might have been slightly off! The great SG (we’ll call him that because that is his moniker) mentioned at the pub on Sunday that triple Gins were being made up.

Father’s Day. Supposedly a day when Dads get to do nothing in particular and very much enjoy doing it, it thinks itself relatively important, but I often wonder about all of these dates of supposed significance in the calender and wether or not they should be ordered that amount of credibility. Dads are cool, I am one, and unless I’m mistaken I am one pretty much all year round, Mums are just as cool and the same applies. I think grandparents should be recognised, we can have a whole weekend when they get to speak their mind telling how much better things were in the war years before the immigrants came, and how same sex marriages are un-natural and women shouldn’t be priests, etc etc and then we can put them back in their boxes for another year! Don’t get me wrong I love my folks but I wish once in a while they could put their prejudices  away and see the world for what it is today, a glorious technicolour melting pot of excitement full of interesting people and things. So fathers day was spent playing loud music whilst my son was playing the video game we are all hoping will fall out of favour, like I have said before, it has stayed a lot longer than its name sake, you can probably find the excerpt if you read the whole blog from start to finish. Then we went to the pub for lunch, Mrs T and daughter then drove to London to go and see the Ed Sheeran at Wembley, not my bag, but they had hospitality boxes so why not. My son and I played pool, walked home through the fields and woods talking Greek mythology, much to my surprise, and then settled down to watch 2 football games.

Fire-pit and “Fiction Factory.”  Every time S and SG come around we always get it out, light the fire and chew the fat, S did her own Desert Island Disks and came up with this little beauty which I hadn’t heard for maybe 20 years. So thanks for an ace weekend both.



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