FOWC: Ostentatious

FOWC: Ostentatious

Well this seems to be what some might call Karma, others may call it a coincidence and Alanis Morissette would probably call it ironic. I’m going to say proudly as I boast that when I looked at the last post I wrote, the stats have revealed to me that I have written over 80000 words since I started this nonsense in January this year; I haven’t got too many followers and I barely have time to write the thing let alone read anyone else, but I think i’m getting better at it, some days more so than others.

Anyway in celebration I’m going to show you a picture of some animal shit and tomorrow I’ll buy an Ostentatious pair of wellington boots to stroll around my woods in.fullsizeoutput_13fb


  1. That’s cool editing there.
    I happened to stumble upon my “word” stats recently, too. (I think mine said 50k [How can you have more?]) And it got me thinking – it could be a novel! It is possible to write a book in a year. I’ve done it on my blog. I can do it outside of it, too. Not that I have the idea, or anything, but it’s a great motivator. To me, at least.

    I missed a few of your recent posts. How is the figurine? Still there?


    • Ha the lego man is still there, the policeman was stolen then the wolf man too but the fireman seems to be standing fast until the summer school holidays of course!!
      I hurt my ankle a couple of years ago and was laid up for a month off work; i started writing a book during that time and I think i’ve written around 40000 words in 9 or so chapters. The whole aim of this is really to get me up to speed and into some sort of routine, then the idea is to carry on. Im off on my holidays in August for 2 weeks and theres an outside idea that I may try to continue there, but i’ll see how much me-time I get!!
      I think you just have to get on with it don’t you, everybody here is a writer, some better technically than others, but everyone has something to say that may resonate with someone, thats a good motivator for me too.
      Ive written so many words but a lot of it is utter tripe probably!!
      Keep on keeping on!

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