June 19th 2018


I love these fluorescent beetles, the way the light catches their wings or shells or whatever they have on their backs, they’re pretty cool. For many, many years walking through these woods I have seen these holes in series and lines all over the woodland floor and have often thought what created them, well now I can reveal it is those cool beetles, that is your undisputed fact of the day fact fans. They, like the England football team worked as a team and are marginally more interesting than the players in the second half last night. But good result, etc.fullsizeoutput_1402Some of the comments I have made to other bloggers have been Hi-jacked by some unnamed unidentifiable person, It’s irritating but I have no idea what to do except to ask them nicely to please go away and go and bother Facebook, theres nothing for you here.

No N today, so over coffee M and I decided we would teach M how to cook a lemony coriander chicken curry tomorrow, in secret, in the morning, so Mrs M has a lovely surprise when she comes home. I cooked it this evening just to make sure all was ok, the news was good, it was lush. So while “working from home” tomorrow, we shall cook up a storm in the kitchen of M and hopefully create as much of a mess as I usually do when I cook. I tidy up, I’m not an animal. Aside from this it’s been a quiet day, sunny and hot, a world record breaking day for England cricket who scored the highest ever 1 day score in 50 overs; 481 runs!!! That is massive and the Australians had no chance.

Anyone with out any knowledge of cricket will also have no chance, one of the commentators today said,

“He yorked him, right up in the blockhole” This would also offer no clues as to what the hell was going on to a non follower of cricket. Just google it if you feel the need, otherwise stop pestering us for explanation, it takes years of listening to Test Match Special and the nonsense within to really understand.

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