FOWC: Almost

FOWC: Almost

This is not unusual anywhere in the world, a familiar story I’d wager.

“Did you get the vital stuff we needed to complete the really important task we had to do today?”


“What the fuck does that mean, you massive idiot?”

“Well, nearly, kind of, not quite”

“So, No?”

“Yes, No, like I said almost”

“Yes? No? What do you mean, make your mind up. What the hell do I ask you for, I wonder? Christ if something needs doing I’ll have to do it myself, as fucking usual”

The thing ended up getting done, but not to the standard that was required or expected but weirdly no one gave a shit as long as they got paid, the issue went away and it may be have been possible to blame someone else or the “systems”.

Fucking typical.




One comment

  1. fantastic cuisine lesson well executed!

    HOWEVER SORRY IVE GOT WORK TO DO CHAPPY AND AND AND did some one almost not include the wonderful musical accompaniment today BECAUSE THEY’VE GOT f***NG WORK TO DO?



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