June 21st 2018

The longest day!

I took the family to stone henge today, christ that was a long day!

There you are; its a joke. You may not find it particularly funny but life itself is absurd so laugh at that instead. I’m just trying to help and if you can’t take that then more fool you.

I was thinking of changing this into a lifestyle blog and so i’ve come up with some top tips to avoid doing any tidying up at home.

  1. Run away
  2. Pretend your job/ life is far more busy than it actually is and make up some cock and bull excuse that you need to argue with someone. Mum’s the word!
  3. Feign a sore arm/ leg/ head and lie down in a darkened room, make the point that  doing the tidying up may harm you further.
  4. Blame your leader; May, Trump, Jon un, Putin, etc
  5. Declare your house a living art exhibit and be done with it; Art must not be meddled with.

Reading these back it seems I am a work shy lay about, what it does prove is that maybe lifestyle blogging is not for me, you decide. As it happens my house is tidy enough, and I’m in so much control of my life that to take tips from someone else would be silly. This applies to all of you, make up your own mind, you are all individuals.

“Yes we are all individuals”

Had a meeting today with work, it turns out my boss is a complete fucking idiot, really it’s insane, these are the type of tips he would give, clueless is not the word, he makes everything up. If this blog was making me a fortune, then I could give up my work, buy the Forest resort in western Australia, sit back and watch the money roll in. Unfortunately these sort of lifestyle tips seem destined to not win me too many new followers. Hey Ho! I’m probably tapping the wrong wells.fullsizeoutput_13fe

I have some insect news, specifically beetle facts. My friend, whom we shall call Mr Smith for reasons of anonymity, has told me (this is fact, a cold hard one) The Beetles have Elytra. The casing of the wings is raised up with the wings underneath, so not acting in the flying bit except for a bit of steering perhaps. You may have seen ladybirds with the Elytra up as they fly. So they are basically a protection for the wings.

Also the little bowls I mentioned a couple of days ago are possibly called Ramekins. This fact was too bought to you by Mr Smith who just now I have decided to upgrade to Dr Smith as he is so wise in the ways of science.

A Duck.

So here’s some music, enjoy it, the weather is marvellous, I’ve just cut the lawn and am now sat inside doing this while Mrs T is at yoga, Ommmmmmm.



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