June 22nd 2018

IMG_2979Some times I’ll write a little love note on used shopping lists and leave them in the trolleys;

“Remember the mint sauce tonight darling, Larry the lamb is in the mood for gambol”

I spent a few weeks, years and years ago writing single words on the bottom of holly leaves with a marker pen while I was walking my old dog, Hovis. I doubt anybody ever saw those words, and I’m not sure if it mattered anyway, but it made me smile to think they did.

You’ve got to keep yourself entertained, in those times, and that is what I propose to do, starting from tomorrow, when the football is over and the cricket is finished. After I’ve sold the camera and the croquet set. Once the tree is felled and the logs split. Just got to pop to the tip and weed the drive.

So many things to do, as we all have. All the time. Here’s my lifestyle section on time:

Don’t waste it, do something which makes you smile. Everything else will follow and if it doesn’t then its nothing to do with me.

The picture is Hovis, my old dog; Mr Stinker, he was a lovely man.

One comment

  1. Sweet Hovis. You must miss him terribly. I have a chocolate Labrador bitch aged 10. They are such beautiful loving dogs. My Labrador before her was a foxy coloured one who lived until the age of 17. I couldn’t be without a dog, as I was raised with them as my mother used to breed and show them.


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