Friday Fictioneers: Nasty Neighbour?

Rochelle, Rochelle, Rochelle.

As Peter Cetera once said, (if memory serves) “You’re the Inspiration”

Once again, you have provided us Frantic Friday Fictioneers with a platform to work our collective magic and come up with beauty, profundity, nonsense and everything in between on this weekly journey into the unknown. So thank you, I’ve loved this as much as a fine IPA or a Marlboro Red in the olden days (no more I hasten to add). So lets go, let’s get it on and see what everyone else has to offer this week!

Thanks also to Ted Strutz for the photo, its a goody this week, and what a place to lose your car!

 Managing to secure early release from Krasnoyarsk the woodsman made for Kootznoowoo in Alaska, somewhere he could remain anonymous. Living among the most wretched base scofflaws had taken its toll on his mental plight; he coveted wide open spaces, fresh air and peace away from the chaos, especially TOLWLIAS who wouldn’t stop talking about her crappy car.

He’d spotted the rusty car a few miles from his cabin, and over the following weeks had searched the woods close by.

An augural hallucination occurred in him, and, as he sat, hunched over the fire he heard knocking on the cabin door…

Boom!! 100 words on the nose again, I’ve revisited 2 past FF’s for this one; links are included and I hope it makes (Non) sense!

The number of characters I can bring to mind from my childhood is thinning and so interaction with each other seems the only way forward! Just hope it works and I hope you enjoy!

Please be mindful that as these are fictional characters for the most part, time can be stretched and ultimately I am king of my piece and so anything goes.




  1. Blast you! I now have that song in my head. Dreadful man.
    What? You haven’t given up the IPA as well?

    As to the story, TOLWLIAS moved from a shoe to a car?
    No matter how far he goes, there will be no peace…

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  2. Dear Shrawley,

    You always manage to make me laugh or at least shake my head. I learned a new word…scofflaws…I love that you took the characters out of their original stories and took them elsewhere. Give the old woman a break…first a shoe full of yammering kids and now a crappy car. 😉



    Liked by 2 people

  3. Get a vape, it’s what all the kidz are doing, me included. It makes me cross smoking fruit flavours, it’s like smoking version of alcopops , making smoking palatable for the young, get em hooked and then give them a pack of Rothmans, pilots smoke em!…


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