July 10th 2018

Shit. Sorry I’m late, i’ll tell you what happened:

fullsizeoutput_144aSunday was spent with my daughter and her mate’s Chinese exchange students, we spent the day outside for the most part, it was really hot and I think that I’m not as good as I once was at being in the sun and having beer at the same time. Web went to one of my fave parts of Worcester, down Diglis basin where the canal boats lay.


There was no bad behaviour just sun beating down on my head, which I had possibly unwisely decided to not wear a hat. So Sunday night I was slightly tipsy, couldn’t sleep, the upstairs of this house is like Dante’s inferno at the moment, went for an evening walk with N and Misty to try and cool down, and woke up feeling pretty ropey on Monday morning. I’d say more sunstroke than hangover, but then I probably would, its all one long denial.

So Tuesday is the 10th, which is where I am today, M couldn’t make it today as he was in Silverstone, charming the pants off some kitchen showroom owner I think and picking up a swivel chair which seems to have an inverted triangle like Darth Vader’s breathing mask on the back. This apparently will complement the Darth Room in M’s house. Don’t ask because even if you do, you’ll wake up and your memory will have been replaced with a melon (water). Some things in life it is best to just let pass and not even try to understand.

Strangely today, this afternoon, I was offered a picture tonight of a friend’s stool; like his son’s arm apparently, needless to say I wasn’t interested, and he mentioned that the photo was blurred anyway. I’ve never been offered that before.

OK, and back to it Fact fans, after a, frankly,  unnecessary interlude. This is a real good one:

Undisputed fact of the day. In roman times, Penises or Peni, inscribed into the stone streets and pathways pointed towards the local brothels. Thats a really strong one so thank you M, you truly are on fire of late. Plus M seems to be sticking to his routine of wearing out his whole wardrobe (tops only) with a different top every day. Yesterday he wore a very bright shirt, said he had sone matching trousers, we shall see tomorrow, maybe.



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