FOWC: Lessen

FOWC: Lessen

I missed the Homophone straddling the Sunday and Monday, serves me right for being so undisciplined and weak during last week. Ha! Theres a poor cousin back at cha!

So on with the game, and if any of you are believers in any sort of supreme being or magical entities, turn away now, this is fertile territory.


As tooth fairy folklore goes, we’ve always been massive believers in the generosity of the fairy but actually the practicality of  finding the fairy and persuading her/him to part with a couple of pounds, or a pound, never any more, sometimes proves pretty tricky. Somebody who I met once makes the fairy give £5 per tooth, which is of course fucking insane, these people should think back to what we got; more a token of mystery, signifying or hinting at the presence of a magical entity flitting from house to house emptying out pockets of local currency. The magic of the tooth fairy is lost in the large rewards he/she provides as a natural function of growing up; as the head grows, the teeth fall out to make way for bigger ones and a fortune in pounds is stowed away stealthily underneath our beloved’s pillows. As the rewards increase the mystery lessens, now I fear a tooth falling out equates to a bunch of sweets from Tescos, which also means for the more rural of us, an unnecessary  trip in the car to Tescos to get the sweets and the kids filling up a trolley with other ancillary nonsense.

Two things:

a) I will start doing my shopping for food on line

b) I must try and remember to put £2 underneath my sons pillow soon, his tooth is waiting on the shelf next to his bed in a little plastic bowl, it has been there for at least 2 weeks, and he remarked on how the Tooth Fairy hadn’t come yet. Maybe the tooth fairy is skint!



  1. There comes a time when the tooth fairy runs out of cash. Then you have to pay a dentist for the tooth removal service…the price, believe me, is much higher! Kids, don’t spend your tooth fairy money on sweets…it will cost you in the long run, and remember to FLOSS! This is advice I give my grand children.

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