July 11th 2018


The Chinese exchange students left Worcester today, and just in time for the World Cup semi finals. Got back with enough time to go to the loo and pour a drink. Which was lucky, we won the first half and then, spoiler alert, we lost the rest. Sub Croatian I would describe our performance, as the Creations beat us. The country, which was once full of beans is now pretty flat to be fair.


But as a glass half full type of bloke, i found this stone on the way into the woods, Yay!! And also found a Buzzard’s feather which has been added to the sculpture, let me know what you think but we all like it, and I think I can speak for M as he was away when the deed was done. fullsizeoutput_144e

Spent a day fighting the computers today, I’m winning but only marginally, one day they will take over, and I’ll not even be writing this shit.

One thing I’d rather forget from this world cup was the commentary tonight from ITV (not in any way comparable to BBC) is when the commentator said,

“They’re fresh faced and young, but they’re not choir boys.”

I have no idea what that means, so i’ll say good night.


  1. Quite the game for sure! Yesterday, at the golf club where I work (and where not only do they play 5-7 days per week, they watch the damn thing on the TV…) The France-Belgium game was on… quite the hooting and hollering going on (A few French chefs, we have). Today was not quite as rowdy but still.
    That, um, “stone”, is quite interesting 😉

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  2. I knew this would happen. The match started at 1am here, I held on but after the first half I crashed under the assumption it was defo going home. It seems I wasn’t the only one to crash. They needed my support, I see that now, but in a way it makes me happy that I’m not back home right now, it’s probably raining past Nottingham too. This day will go down in the digital dooms day book. The one written by IA about how shit we were at football and singing (apart from Barry White) bet, he’s the only remnant of humanity revered when we’ve been boiled down to computer oil.


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