FOWC: Accomplice

FOWC: Accomplice


What a news story!

After 3 long days without the Pike, Mike found the Bike of the Tyke who stole the Pike. The tyre tracks in the sloppy mud from the fisherman’s hut led to a small fishing shed on a scrappy section of the Dyke bank. Upon knocking the door a nervous man tentitively  opened it and there on a stool next to the door was the Stuffed Pike in plain sight bathed in dusty light from the autumn sun. The accomplice looked slight and shuffled from left to right in his Nikes as he tried to worm his way out of the awkward questions he was going to have to answer. The Pike was caught with a worm too but not without a Fight with the Might of Mike at the Height of that balmy summer Night.

Later that Night,Mike looked at the Pike and decided that he had a real Like for the lengthy dappled Stripes running from head to tail.

He poured a glass of Dubonnet put on some Steve Riche, looked out over the Dyke and marvelled at its turgid minimalism.



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