FOWC: Dreamer

FOWC: Dreamer


“How many times have you drunk far too much and passed out in a field, and woken up having not remembered anything?”

“No, nor have I”

Ha! Well, that’s me all in, a Dreamer, its what my life has been thus far, one long living dream. I believe that things will always be ok and generally things will always turn out for the best.

I’m a glass half full type bloke, always, trust me (but you’ve never even met me) things have been awful and have overwhelmed  me as I’m sure they have everybody many, many times, but I still believe in the wonder of life and kindness of people. I may well be deluded, in fact I probably am.

“You may say I’m a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

I know I am very lucky; I’ve got a beautiful family who love me most of the time, I think, although my boy tonight told me he would rather go to a “Fortnite” convention than to a 20:20 cricket match (clearly insane; affected by the evil of computer gaming, and I don’t care what anyone says, real life is infinitely better). I’ve got a roof over my head, I’ve food in my cupboards which I can feed my family with (they may not like everything I cook) and I have a job which helps me get by and gives me a smidgin of self respect and self worth.

But I’m a dreamer, I dream of a life where I can provide fully, I dream of a life where my wife can jack in her job, I dream I can take us all on holiday to far off places. But I think also I am fast becoming a realist, no matter how hard I work, I’m working for “the man” and however much I give to him, he’ll always want more. More for less, and with that comes a sadness; Why can’t life be fairer? Why can’t we share like a group of kindergarten children, when things were simpler and financial profit and loss didn’t enter into it, the currency we dealt was cuddles, snuggles and kisses.


“Lets all get drunk and go naked and lie in a great big pile”

If you know that, you’ll know it.


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