August 29th 2018


Ok vandals and spooks, pimps and hustlers, thieves and vagabonds, we can watch you, we will find you. After the shock of yesterday’s brazen chaotic adjustments to the exhibit at the entrance to the woods, we have summoned the wood gods and asked them to give us the eyes to see what we cannot see.

We walked around the woods today and spotted redeveloped tree eyes, many of them, all over the place, initially on the silver birches but i’m sure soon the small leaf limes and the oaks will follow; oh yes wanton guttersnipes, we have your number. The trees actually do have eyes, and we are their friends, and they ours.

(It was at this point that I had the irritation phone call from an aged person wanting me to talk them through internet banking remotely without being able to see the bloody screen, not my folks I hasten to add)

In other news 2 of my work colleagues have today resigned . One of the guys has been with the company for 40+ years, it’s an absolute scandal for him to decide he has to leave in this manner. If I could afford to go I would, maybe I need to get my CV done. Any job offers out there? I’ll make the tea, collect the pastries!


I went here today, I’ve seen the spire every time I drive through Tenbury, and never stopped to look, what a wonderful place it is.

I’m going to have to go I’m absolutely fucked, sorry no music tonight, not in the mood, just had to deal with an old person trying to deal with a business critical issue using the internet banking. Give me fucking strength!!!

Good night, I’ll have a bash at the FF tomorrow.

I’ve just edited this to keep it away from unfriendly eyes, them walls have ears and the woods have eyes which rather nicely ties in with the beginning of this post. After sleep the words come easier!


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