Friday Fictioneers: Not so Charming

Friday Fictioneers:

Photo courtesy of Nathan Sowers,

It’s a goodie this week, and has had me racking my few remaining brain cells as I sit listening to them rattle and tumble against each other. So here is my effort, enjoy!

Serial philanderer and thus Shed dweller, Prince Charming, finds himself in another alimony scrape when yet another beautiful but vulnerable princess came knocking. 

First Cinderella, then Sleeping Beauty and now Snow White had left him, the latter due to an unconfirmed dalliance with Bashful;

“Who certainly wasn’t!”

According to Dopey at the “Diamond Mine” night club, Charming co-owned.

The Cash strapped King White, speaking from his static caravan, welcomed Snow home adding,

“He can keep that Fooking mirror, it drove my missus to drink”

“She should have married that Rapunzel bitch” slurred the visibly drunk Evil Queen, “She had money.”

Thats it; 100 words on the button! Hooray for children’s stories!



    • Thank you, I’m loving doing them and find them a real challenge. My only issue with them is the title Friday Fictioneers, how come everybody gets theirs done by Wednesday? I’m always the last to post, maybe number 65 or 70, I need to be quicker of the mark to get with the Wednesday whirlwinds!!

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      • Once upon a time (😉), apparently you got the pic on Wednesday so that you had two days to think about it, then peeps started posting earlier and well… here we are. I usually post on Wednesday as it gives me a chance to read them all… till I see who never reciprocates and I stop reading them…

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  1. Dear Shrawley,

    I dub thee King for the Fractured Fairy Tale. It’s those quiet ones you have to watch out for. Bashful indeed.



    PS Sometime before I inherited Friday Fictioneers, it went from the two days to think about and polish your story, to a mad dash to post on Wednesday. I keep the name Friday Fictioneers in deference to creator. 😉


    • Thanks a lot! I’m loving doing them, a change from the norm I guess, proves my childhood for these guys was exactly the same as the modern day kids presenters, some go on to greatness others continue plying their trade as their youth fades and others fall into trouble of some kind; I guess that’s the life of a celebrity

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