FOWC: Royal



Theres a new king of snacks in town in the supermarket today. News from our Royal Correspondent has discovered that the Royal Warrant of Appointment is to be removed from Golden Wonder for the Pot Noodle, which has stood head and shoulders among any other lunch time snacks since the late 1960’s.

The beef and tomato pot noodle was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth until she discovered spicy curry in the early 1990’s whilst on a trip to the factory in Caerphilly, she approached with some caution, and after trying her first bite announced that she will grant a Royal Warrant for the deliciously messy Munchie time staple of the disenfranchised dope smoking folk of the Welsh Valleys.

She pronounced,

“I love a pot Noodle but this Spicy Curry flavour is a reet cracker.”

The microwaveable Fray Bentos Meaty Puds, spotted a flaw in the need for water with the Pot Noodle which frequently caused confusion and have exploited this to the maximum with the ultra quick 3 minute preparation of the puds.

One dope fiend who wished to remain anonymous said,

“I used to forget i’d put the water in the Pot Noodle and by the time i’d remembered the thing was cold. The Microwave pings when the pud is ready, it’s changed my life.”

He said as he rubbed Sudacrem on his recently burnt lips.

Inspired by my admiration for @coldwarsteve

You simply must check him out.


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