September 18th 2018


Guess what? Its mushroom season, which means Autumn is upon us; I know it’s been mentioned and I know you’ve all seen the mushrooms, but for myself and the ministry it’s an exciting time. The vibrant greens and pretty flowers of summer are fading and the chestnut of the ground dwellers, their gills hidden underneath. In no way am I advocating this but take a look under the skirt, they are truly satisfying; the folds of the gills I mean. You know me by now, I write and then really can not be bothered to change it, a stream of consciousness if you will.

N came out with an awesome FOTD today (fact of the day) which, just to refresh you on the rules, is when we accept the statement, because, generally, it is a wonderful thing, and that is what the world is meant to be all about as seen through the eyes of a child in wonderment. The alternative is the DFOTD (dubious fact of the day) which is when we doubt the statement but accept it so as not to cause conflict within the delicately balanced rainforest type foundations the ministry sits within.

Anyway onto N’s FOTD,

“We are closer to mushrooms genetically than to anything else, with out the humble yet stunning mushroom we would not exist”

There you have it, I don’t know, but you can certainly break the ice at parties with that one, and then scare everyone away, leaving you on your own to cry into the tepid can of kestrel you’ve been nursing since first entering the party. I like it and as it’s my blog, my rules then there’s not much you can do. Look it up yourself and keep it to yourself or start your own blog telling just the truth.


As a window into the mind I was looking at my phone just now to try and decipher some text I sent to myself just yesterday. Bearing in mind, I think I may have mentioned it, but my mind isn’t what it used to be and so I note things down to remind me of some hilarity or other, yesterday I wrote,

“Orange faced watchmakers glowing bar the raves”

I believe we were talking of the staff who worked in the factories putting match heads onto the matches, but I think we might have mixed it up with the folk who put the luminous spots on watches. Who knows, who cares really. I’m just filling.

It was a sad day today, we found a frog/ toad dead on the track on the way into the woods, I took a photo and then realised it wasn’t alive, but it seemed a poignant shot as the mushrooms run around the woods under the cover of darkness only planting them selves down when the dawn arrives, I always think of the circles of mushrooms as having been engaged in a very important discussion, suddenly someone realises the sun is coming up, sees a dog walker and shouts, “Walker! Assume positions.” Nothing else is discussed until night falls later on that day. The longer nights make for fascinating Mushroom Outdoor Discussions (MOD’s) thats a fact, but I think having any more than one a day is pushing it so I’ll call it a DFOTD and you can argue amongst yourselves.

So folk of a delicate disposition look away now, he/ she looks a fairly peaceful frog, or peace-frog if you’re trying to save valuable speech time.


I surveyed an old school mates Dad’s company factory today, it’s probably his now, looks like he’s probably doing all right for himself, lots of glass and steel, lots of unnecessary grills and ducting, and a bizarre very tall curved wall which seemed to serve no purpose. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the over zealous architect for you, and the client with countless pots of money to spend on said architect.

It’s a Spitfire Bird, turn this one up you loons!


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