Friday Fictioneers: Cake?

Thanks to Rochelle, the wonderful, for hosting this menagerie of misfits, from what I’ve read anyway! There are some superbly talented people playing this game, and I really don’t know if I can keep up, but read, read and read as many as you can, I think I did about 50 last week, the rule of 10; (10 before yours, 10 after didn’t work as so many folk have so much to offer and it’s only another couple of minutes, that’s what I tell Mrs T anyway when I’m meant to be going to bed!)

Thanks to Prior for allowing the FF crew to interpret your photograph, it’s a belter this week and I had a thought as soon as I saw it, which i’m going to run with so here goes.

Friday Fictioneers

Polly was working her tits off to make the “Tealicious Cafe” a success, but “that Bitch” was contriving to cause chaos; thwarting her efforts.

Polly would set the kettle to boil and come out to dress the silver trays;  a doily, cups some milk and a treasury of biscuits; Jammy Dodgers, Custard Creams, Malted Milk, Jaffa Cakes. 

Sukey, would switch off the kettle, pour the tea pot, Polly would then serve, pouring tepid tea to the customers. The partnership was on a knife edge.

“When did a Jaffa Cake become a fucking biscuit?” Sukey hissed, swapping them for Pink Wafers.

There we are, 100 words exactly! Hope you all like it!


  1. Oh, Mr. T (since you mention a Mrs. T… one can assume…)!
    First of all… you caved and here you are on a Wednesday!
    Second of all… I am still laughing at this wonderful take.. Oh man. You have made later afternoon.
    Good for you, on reading 50 of them. I almost always read them all… then slowly drop those who don’t participate, either by even responding to comments, or bothering to read mine… I give them a few weeks..

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well I’m afraid that the nursery rhyme was lost on me, but I did enjoy your story. I like that you placed the facts there and let the reader figure things out. I shall listen to the nursery rhyme now…something new to the repertoire. 🙂


  3. Dear Shrawley (Yeah, that works for me. 😉 )

    Once more you’ve taken a child’s nursery rhyme and turned it into something else. You had me falling off my chair. And look at you. Number 37 this week! Love it. And my regards to the longsuffering Mrs. T. My husband can certainly feel her pain. 😉 Bravo on your story.



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