Friday Fictioneers: Brilliant Horners

Friday Fictioneers

Thanks to Roger Bultot for this beauty. Once more I have no clue and wanting to be in the top 50 will have to just be that, as tiredness has taken over me, I’ll sleep on it and then comeuppance with something insanely brilliant tomorrow, I’ll see you all down in the 80’s!

Former, but now massive fat bastard, Little Jack Horner, expressed his dislike of sitting in a corner and eating Christmas pie all year round. Pulling a plum from a fruit cake was not a skill to be proud of.

He was sick to the back teeth of hearing Slade’s “I wish it could be Christmas every day”, at the beginning of October not to mention scoffing pies confined to a right angle. 

Jack moved North, to Manchester with his pies, and positioned himself in the library there; circular and without corners. He sat there, dribbling, surrounded by crumbs and plums.

This one was hard, and I apologise for being late Rochelle, it will never happen again, christ GMT I’m over a day late.

100 words on the nose!!



  1. Late is good when it comes to the writings from Ministry of Shrawley Walks. So many turns of phrase here that I loved, especially the scoffing of the mince pies confined to a right angle. Looking forward to next week’s post!

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  2. Dear Shrawley,

    So you give me something to look forward to at the end of the week. As you can see, I’m even later this week getting around to everyone. Between budding novel and mentoring a new writer, amongst a host of other important things, it’s been a challenging week. never disappoint. What’s Jack Horner without his corner. 😉 Love it.



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