October 28th 2018


Well, it’s been a weekend of house business and fine home cooked curry with the odd fancy craft ale thrown in for good measure. Half term is upon us and next week we are taking a train up to Edinburgh to see my cousins, the kids are kicking off because they get to miss out on the festival of legalised begging for Haribo door to door, with the efforts put into Halloween costumes diminishing as the years pass by. Last year 3 kids were going round knocking doors in black balaclavas, that is terrifying and I am glad our village has no street lighting and few pavements so the kids don’t trick or treat here. They all head up the hill to plunder the neighbouring village.


The Ministry minus C, she has family business to attend to most weekends, went off road today, immediately getting off the main path and followed the 7 foot fence circling the private part of the woods, with the beautiful lake and the undulating hidden valley landscapes. Saw some different fungi today, its the gift that just keeps on giving, I might compile some sort of fungi book, with absolutely no facts and a health warning disclaimer pointing out that any opinions on the benefits of mushrooms are my own and in no way should be taken seriously. Did you hear about the guy who wrote,  “The Horse Whisperer”? A really tragic tale, he foraged for some mushrooms for a dinner party because he thought he knew whet he was doing, turns out 1 person died, and 4 others are on Dialysis machines waiting for new organs. Don’t use mushrooms in gourmet recipes kids.


Theres lady birds all over the place apparently, this little group was sitting next to the brook on a marker post, I like the black one with red stars on his back, he is a ladyboy bird, i’m assuming.


Finally I just want to mention the tragedy at my Football Club, Leicester City, over the weekend, Full details haven’t come out yet but I just hope there were some survivors from the helicopter crash which happened just out side the ground last night when the owners flew out and away from the stadium. A very, very, sad day.



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