November 21st 2018


Snow today! Buckets of the stuff in Malvern; high up in the hills, enough to stop my Honda from going up the hills. When I say buckets of it, I mean about 30 minutes worth of slushy wet stuff, enough to show me how shit my company car is in the inclement weather.

The walk is slightly different this week and will be next week too, M has to look after 2 dogs for his Yoga instructor, as she’s in South Africa on holiday. 2 small barky dogs who laid out their position on Monday with misty, Hattie and Benny by barking at them all when they approached.

“HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, HELLO…” it goes on. Anyway all things considered everyone seems to get on well, and for the first time the dogs outnumber the beings capable of reason (us in case you’re asking.) 5 dogs 4 of us, M hasn’t let them off the lead should they run off, I think that unlikely. If they did, M mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to look at his curvaceous lycra clad yoga instructor in the eye again,  painting a picture with words.

Due to the new dogs, coffee at anyone’s house other than M’s has all but ceased, M has the monopoly and our coffee is going stale whilst his does the job of all of ours, Good stuff M. I did mention giving him another Wednesday morning crash course in curry cookery, it’ll have to wait for next week but if you’re wondering; A Pakistani Kadhai (I think, from Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible, the holy book of curries, use this and you won’t go far wrong.)

I learnt a new word today which I shall use in my FF, if I get the chance this week, the clock is ticking and as usual I have no idea, which does in itself call for a medicinal G&T, and then we’ll see what happens.

Turns out my daughter has to organise a weeks worth of work experience for next June or July and I just overheard her talking to a boy who is a friend, not her boyfriend for chrissakes, just in case she’s reading this. And if she is reading this I must apologise for my atrocious language on occasion; do not fucking copy me ok?

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