December 6th 2018


I got up early, I had breakfast, 2 cups of tea and left for Gloucester, picking up a colleague on the way. My boss was back from his holidays and not one confrontational word crossed his lips as he conducted the chaotic group meeting from the directors box at Gloucester Rugby ground.

I ate far too much and am in Danger of expanding beyond the point of no return, but the food’s free and delicious and I don’t have to cook it, what can I say, I like free stuff. It doesn’t help that 3 people didn’t turn up, if I die early of a fatty heart, I’ll blame them.

Poor Benny didn’t get a walk more to the point, for that I appologise, tomorrow will be back to normal, save for the state of the half painted kitchen.

“When are we getting the Christmas Tree?” ask the kids. Not having the heart to tell them that there is no space anywhere: the Christmas Tree Shaped space in the lounge has been filled by flotsam and jetsam from the kitchen. I dodge the question with a soft maybe on Sunday type answer, vague in the extreme, if we leave it until the shops shut, then it’ll have to be next weekend, a week tomorrow, thats the plan, but they are not dumb.

Son has a swollen knee, could be Bursitis, but the anti-b’s are working and he can do slightly more than hop up and downstairs, yesterday he was dragging himself along the carpet with his fingertips, like some sort of sprouting Zombie, emerging from the soil. I didn’t say sorry for missing the morning walk, nor did I gain permission and so stand to be stood in the corner for a whole hour. At school I did many of those, but I reckon I’d struggle today.

Night gang, heres a wonderful song for you.

Ozrics forever.

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