December 26th 2018

Went off road today, you can take the wood out of the Ministry but you can’t take the Ministry out of the Wood. This is what met us upon entry into the wood yesterday; our fake lego man, not ours, and placed by a fake person who has no business doing such things, was joined by a fake coin, we suspect made from chocolate, given the season and all. It is not an all together unpleasant surprise, and so I will pull rank, and will leave it until the kids go back to school, then I will eat it.IMG_4541

Still the fungus continues to proliferate within the woods, the cold has not really covered the wood yet, winter has been kind, little rain, but moistness remains and so does the fungus. In fact today I spotted something similar to something I spotted right at the beginning of this ridiculous journey, avid and keen readers will have spotted this,I have no idea what the hell it is suffice to say it could have come from space.


I’m tired and emotional and so will let the photos speak for them selves. Good night, Match of the Day is on in 11 minutes; Leicester beat Man City!! Woop Woop.


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