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This week Awesome Stories brings you environmental leadership.water retention, clouds

Costa Rica Aims For a Home Run

Costa Rica continues to be an environmental leader in the Carribean and much of the world. They passed a ban on the razing of mature forests in 1996. Then Costa Rica set aside 25% of their lands as nature preserves, parks, and refuges in 1998. Their economy is mostly supported by agriculture and tourism thanks to their natural resources and progressive policies. Costa Rica has also evolved its environmental policy from conservation to sustainable development. Recently, they met a huge energy milestone to run the country on renewables with 100 percent of their power demand supplied by renewable energy for 75 straight days in 2015 and 76 days in 2016. And they are part of The Wellbeing Economies Alliance of countries who include democracy, sustainability, and inclusive prosperity as essential to wellbeing. Their new president, Carlos Alvarado…

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