Friday Fictioneers: Bread Bin


Hello and welcome to Friday Fictioneers, the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you to the amazing Rochelle for keeping this boat afloat, what we would do without you I shudder to think, and thank you also to Jean L Hays for this wonderfully bleak winterish scene; I’m not sure if its typical of New Mexico because I have only been in America when I sat in LAX for 10 hours back in 1991 on a connecting flight initially from Rarotonga via Tahiti, then this 10 hour wait and then back to Heathrow London and ultimately Bruntingthorpe to my folks house, where I knocked on the door and demanded money to pay for the taxi from the train station in Leicester. But this isn’t important in the slightest, and I hope the Americans are not in anyway insulted by my ignorance.

You wonderful bunch of wordsmiths.

So Thinking caps on…

On my marks…

Get Set…


Tourism in Red Mountain had catastrophically collapsed after a horrific outbreak of Saint Anthony’s Fire.Β 

“Pat.A.Cake’s” bakery was to blame for the use of Ergot-infected Rye, which he had procured from an old friend; Baby who’d just finished a stretch for adding stool softener to the vegan sausage rolls at “Mac.A.Roon’s Bakery”. The laxative contained animal fats and vegans were dropping like limp lettuces.

Now only Gangrenous Hippy Ergot Tourists shuffle and stumble the streets, penniless in search of one final hit from the infected Rye Bread.

Pat.A.Cake and Baby are exploiting this with a menu specialising in space cakes.

Well, thats it for another week, 100 words on the nose! I wonder if I can get this new Frog to work, hope you enjoy this as much as I did researching it!


  1. Buahahahah! You are SOOOOO bad, you’re good!

    By the way, you are missing an “a” before the first Ergot but if you put a hyphen between Ergot and infected, your word count will remain the same… πŸ˜‰


  2. Dear Shrawley,

    This American can certainly forgive you for your ignorance about our country since I can put what I know about your geography in a thimble and swim laps around it. I would dearly love to come over one day but for now the closest I’ve gotten is on Skype with a friend in Sussex. Sigh.

    Love the story. Like Dale says, you’re so bad…but you’re very very good at it. We’re all in this new frog thing together.



    Liked by 1 person

  3. Laughing all the way, although ergot really was a horrible thing to ingest. But as usual, you’ve made it hilarious. I’m picturing vegans dropping like limp lettuce πŸ™‚


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