March 1st 2019

Pinch punch, etc etc…


Where is the time going? By saying such a thing I am confirming myself to be in the 45-55 age bracket, and am rapidly turning into my Dad; which is what happens, you’ll understand when you get to my age.

Today i am feeling rather jaded as I made the mistake of going out yesterday to a mate’s leaving do at work. It was a 12:30 start, lunchtime, and I got home around 12 hours later just after midnight after staggering around the mean streets of Worcester, in and out of pubs. The 12 hour session is really something which should be confined to the youth, boy am I paying for it now! I am not asking for sympathy as I realise the error of my ways. This morning I couldn’t manage the dog walk and so Mrs T had to deputise for me, the hangover was, still is that bad.

A few things of note have occurred today, firstly I received a nasty shock when having been driven into Worcester by Mrs T to collect my abandoned car, I stopped off to get some petrol and some crisps, Crisps; like McDonalds and masturbation are supposedly fine hangover cures but 10 minutes after the event a feeling of dirtiness comes over you.The finest hangover crisps are widely recognised as Seabrook Prawn Cocktail flavour, generally these are a specialist crisps only available in supermarkets in multipacks , and so usually Walkers Prawn Cocktail step in as a substitute, but they can be a bit hit and miss depending on the quantity of flavour dust sprinkled onto them, the darker in colour the better. Imagine my surprise when I tucked into the packet and realised I had brought Smokey Bacon, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

My son got offered a place in our preferred school, Yay!

I had to work on a really busy but clean building site today and most people left me alone, this is the preferred course of events for a hungover Friday.

So it is with considerable effort that I must say good evening to you all as I must go and lie down, suddenly I can’t seem to get my worms out any more.

Happy retirement Phil and what a lovely wife you have, drop me a line if you’re reading this.



  1. im phil no im phil.. what a crispy end and all co of the Walkers that u abstained from am .. love the Orkestra Obsolete … no im sparticus , was thought behind Obscure im phil thinking – Mrs t seemed on form !


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