March 3rd 2018


Storm Freya is on the way today, in fact as I write she is here and blowing my bamboo all over the shop at gusts of uptown maybe 40 mph!! Its chaos out there people, stay inside, save yourselves. Our front door just blew open and Benny ran out barking at cars and whatever else he saw. Mrs T, thank God was there to rescue him from complete obliviousness to road traffic. If we lived on a big road, he would be no more.

Long walk today because I spent yesterday at the most antiquated financial investments firm in the world, trying to teach my folks how to use outlook, and get them used to another e-mail, bless them; its so hard for them to understand what is going on electronically, especially as we have to do all our tax affairs digitally from April and our bookkeeper of 42 years said yesterday that she is happy to retire with pretty much immediate effect which puts us in the shit, a little bit, it means I have to learn new stuff, rapidly. When JP started it was the hottest summer on record in Britain, 1976, back then I was wearing rather fashionable powder blue bowling shorts, they were actually all the rage. Thank God i’ve got 2 friends who are A) a bookkeeper and B) a payroll boffin. So I/ we should be ok. Thanks for asking.

So, long walk, yes theatre we are. Benny chased out 2 muntjacs and a duck today, didn’t catch any but beat the duck across the field, when Benny was on the ground and the duck above and behind, that’s important. I need to have him castrated to try and calm him down, I guess he just has that predatory instinct, in that way not too dissimilar to myself. I saw the first wooden enemy of the year of which there were a few, well there always are when you look and open your eyes to the birth of spring.


I’ve tried to go back and find when the first wooden enemies were emerging last year, unfortunately no one has volunteered to sort my blog and its index out so you’ll have to read the lot, is suggest going back to february, there’s some fantastic stuff there and you may learn something. Anyway it snowed last March and April too I think, so we are hoping for none of that this year thank you.


On 6music tonight theres a special 2 hour tribute to Mark Hollis from Talk Talk, who died on Monday, he was a legend and I have been trawling back through the records and CDs I have.

RIP Mark.

Talk Talk Live at Montreux, this is splendid. If you’ve got a spare hour and a half, turn this up and pour yourself a beer or two.


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