Friday Fictioneers: Climate Sailor Danger

It’s that time again, it’s that man again, my God the week has flown by without me even realising so. I’m not even sure what has happened aside from spending too much time driving around the Cotswolds; Goddamn Tourists everywhere like Gloucestershire Herpes.

Rochelle thanks for sorting this out, nurturing this baby, keeping all the FF crew safe and gainfully employed in this peculiar place we call the Internet, where anything goes and frequently does. Thank you also to Sandra Crook for providing this photographic food for thought.

So thinking caps on,

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Sailor who went to sea, sea, sea,

To see what he could see, see, see,

And all he could see, see, see

Was the sea awash with micro-plastic living algae, gee, gee.

The decimation of the fishing industry, tree, tree.

The coral reefs have died, ide, ide.

And the glaciers have shed their ice, ice, ice.

So Fishing was off again for today and the family would have to go hungry. He decided to take the dog for a walk, and the tree, where the first usual wee stop is, had been removed; cut down.

Is nothing sacred anymore.

So I’ve been reading and watching a lot recently about Climate Change and the wonderfully inspirational school girl Greta Thunberg. We can all learn a massive amount from her. This is my twist on a silly tongue twister to give it an environmental edge. I think I woke up with it in my head, and is more of a stream of consciousness.  And its 100 words on the nose! Enjoy,





  1. A great piece that echos the concerns of climate change. The hard facts about the climate are difficult to swallow, there are 7.5 billion people all demanding resources – I wonder how many more people there will be in ten years-time.


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