Friday Fictioneers: Apocalypse Sow

Morning fun seekers, this week our esteemed leader and figure head Rochelle has asked Jan Wayne Fields to provide a photo for our merry band of Friday Fictioneers. The story came to me over a pretty restless night’s sleep the air con being turned on and off as it never seemed to be “just right”, but that’s another fairy tale altogether.

This one came to me and I think far more sinister, so let’s get crackling (sorry).

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The Big Bad Wolf ( BBW) was rumoured to be beyond the upper reaches of the Thames, somewhere around Lechlade, at the end of a distant cut-de-sac.

Thus far 2 little pigs had been sent to capture him and failed to return, it was rumoured he’d assembled a brigand of ne’er do wells  and had gone quietly insane, hosting ill prepared BBQ’s with camping detritus salvaged from Cirencester Sheep Fair.

Hitching a ride with a washing machine technician the Pig had made it to Chaffinch close where he saw the BBW pricking some sausages.

He heard him whisper, “The Horror, the horror”

Well, there we are folks, 100 meaty words for your delectation, hope it piques (porks, sorry bout that) a bit of interest.


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