Your Daily Word Prompt: Research and FOWC: Guileless

It’s a double header


A meeting in Shrewsbury, or near at least, on the banks of the river Severn, near to a National Trust Stately Home, whose drive we walked up after lunch in the latter part of the meeting. It was a walking meeting, the latter part, where everyone ambles towards a prescribed point and then walks back, giving us all a chance to “Break Out” and create the illusion of our company being progressive and forward thinking. Our best interests at heart, our health and welding at the forefront of the Human Resource department’s minds.

I’m assuming some sort of Research has been done to suggest this type of get together, but to me it seems a cynical attempt by management to repair the massively ruptured anus they have been fucking us up for the last decade. Too little too late, i’d rather be working, left to my own devices; Christ i’ve been doing this 20 years and have a fuck site more talent in my specified field than most of the managers. We don’t swing the lead, those days are gone. By castigating us, you only create bad feeling amongst the troops, and to think that this company used to be the envy of the world, fuck me, all it takes is a few yes men and women to do the Dark Lord’s bidding and it’s all gone to shit. Oh yes, these folk are far from Guileless in their pursuit of power. A perfectly pleasant newbie arrived not 7 years ago, full of mistaken ambition fed by false futures, and he turned into a monster, incapable of treating his colleagues, equals in pay and superior in experience,  with any sort of respect and trust in the workplace, some of these guys have been doing the same job for 40 years, a couple even more. They know what to do, but this new man, this arsehole, too stupid to realise his own stupidity, too wrapped up in maintaining his own career, with Napoleon syndrome as his wife earned more than him, came onto the scene and started throwing his weight around, staff left prematurely, everyone hates him and no one dare speak to him lest they stoke his simmering rage.

He was my Boss but now I’m alright, my boss is far calmer and cooler; sometimes a little too cool, its important to me that I can see why he earns more than I do, and I think they must do an awful lot of filing as they seem to me to be a bunch of glorified semi senior administrators. But then what do I know?

Tomorrow I’m going out to work with a senior representative of another company, a big and important, shouty company, lets hope I can make my self heard amongst the onanist, self serving bastards.


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