FOWC: Aloof



Panic was rampant in the tracks of Shrawley this morning, panic in the minds of caring dog walkers too. M was absent toady, he’s caring for folk far far away; he’ll be back on Friday, he’s not in Tonga, that would take days.

Today we walked, when we got to the tall trees, I spied a dog and owner ambling away from the tall trees, I didn’t recognise this person, which is commonplace, but more importantly I didn’t recognise the dog; that is the key. We had to stop, hang back and the suggestion to take an alternative route was agreed by all; lets off road! Cutting through the wild brash, Hattie disappeared with Benny, Benny always vanishes and more often than not returns, tongue out, panting like a rabid dog, which he may well be, thank fuck he hasn’t bitten us otherwise we’ed be plunged back into a 70’s public information video. Rabies written in a bloody scrawl. We split up, whistling, shouting and keeping a keen ear for the sound of Hattie crashing through the undergrowth as she normally does, panting and casting sideways glances at Benny which speak volumes about being Aloof of where they’ve just been. Oh to be able to get inside the head of a dog, to be able to understand and find out really what they’ve seen and been upto. Today was different, C eventually found Hattie,; she ran upto C, collapsed and was panting as if her life was draining away, the breaths couldn’t come quickly enough. C had to carry the chunky French Bulldog, she’s heavy, for a while, as she regained her breath. Poor Hattie, she’s fine now, and we will never know what she got up to, i’m more than happy to have the gps tracker on the dogs to see where they’ve been but a go-pro for dogs? No, I don’t think so; sniffing, licking and blurry shots as they shitted like a shaking dog.

M, bless him, held off leaving until Hattie was found, it was a tense moment for all involved, but she came back wanting to tell all of her adventures, no one could understand, she told Benny and Misty and still no one could understand.

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