February’s Event Horizon


I forgot to mention a word I’ve learnt from a blogger linda who I follow, check her out she’s a very good writer.

I saw the above film yesterday and for those non Russian speakers amongst us, the film was Solaris, 1972, and was cited as Russia’s “2001, a space odyssey”. I sat in a silent room, all the family had buggered off largely due to the subtitles and also in part to the sounds and lights, just the correct mixture providing enough ambient menace, to take me away for 3 hours or so from the Clusterfuck which is Brexit and as a man enjoying his last nights sleep in the EU by watching a Russian film.

That is how I roll; Art House? Yes. Pretentious, Moi? Nah not really, I’m just trying to rekindle my film roots, get back in the saddle as I’ve been sober all January and Mrs T suggests after Dry January, a month of abstinence I canter in to Febuary like a thoroughbred.

Fucked up February here we come!!


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