February 3rd 2020


I struggled to put fingers to keypad this weekend, and as I write this I realise that it’s not the weekend any more, Monday is upon us, the Super Bowl is on but it’s not rugby and it’s not football so I’m out.

Lat night, sorry yesterday afternoon, I went over to my friend’s local for some Bathams, which if you know beer, you will know that it is a really special pint, really great stuff. The sun was out, all was set for a wonderful day pub crawling through the streets of Worcester, a great to be aive type pdf day, and was to be my first day drinking since New Years Eve, nearly 4 and a half weeks previous. Let me tell you, and I’d better be quick, when I woke up on Sunday Morning, I was surprised as to how utterly awful I felt, I never really used to get hangovers, because the way I felt today was a real surprise, a particularly nasty one. Sweats, self loathing, lethargy, unable to walk the dog, possibly unable to cope with the humour of N. I stayed in bed until 11;30, this doesn’t happen ever, but it did today. I blame the Belgian 6%IPA’s which we were foolish to drink not just one, but two. That marked the turning point for 3 men who should probably know better, after that we moved pub and had ridiculous shorts and pints, beyond that, and the plan to have a curry was seemingly shattered. And I woke up in my bed, like magic! My Guardian angel must have been looking out for me.

So what I take from this epic adventure is that giving up drinking in January is a good thing, but you are setting yourself up for a monumental fall when you first step out to go on a pub crawl. Having said that; It has been decided that the first Saturday in February will be reserved for a Worcester pub crawl. New joiners are welcome!


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