Friday Fictioneers: Autumn Random

Well, here we all are again, lockdown starting to open up over on this side of the World and we, in Britain, are a laughing stock, no plan , for this and Brexit, thank god Rochelle is holding the universe together. Thanks to Na’ama Yehuda for providing the photo, i’m thinking this could be in New York, so we’ll se what comes up this time.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Central Park in Autumn was beddable, the leaves corroding, nature’s underwear tumbling towards the floor, where the circle of death reaps their life energy; ebbing away.

Shadows were somehow darker, erotic even, amongst the slowly disrobing trees, yet walkers and joggers still felt the warmth of the post coitus summer sun on their backs, all but spent, ready to sleep through most of the winter.

An isolated soul sat against a tree, reading in the fading light of this Plague Silenced Borough.

He reached into his jacket pocket, pricking his finger against the well honed Japanese kitchen blade.

She’ll do.

There we are, 100 words to reflect my miserable mood this evening, tomorrow will be a better day. Enjoy.


  1. Love the Musing,especially,yes good old N.Y.
    When there in 1989 I was fascinated by the apparently flimsy traffic lights hanging above.
    Since the idiot riots we have had a slight surge and Victoria and South Australia have closed their boarders again. The doc. Surgery is like Fort Knox again. People are hoarding Loo paper again.

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  2. She’ll have to do, slim pickings for your casual murderer during a pandemic lockdown. You are not alone in your despondent mood – the pubs opening seems like the worst idea at the moment. We’ve already proven that people can’t be trusted to be sensible when it comes to being socially responsible during a crisis, and now we’re going to let them gather and get drunk together…!?

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  3. I thought there was some excellent metaphors/allegories in this. I’m not sure the murder bit at the end was necessary, the piece was good enough without it. Excellent.

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