Friday Fictioneers: The Neighbour

Sorry I’m late.

Thank goodness for Rochelle providing me with the impetus to get off my bot and try to scribble some sort of prose, this photo provided by A. Nani Mouse (great name) reminds me of my student digs, a flat which was condemned after we left, for reasons unspoken.

On My Marks…

Get set…


The tubular strip light had blown because the cylindrical starter fuse thing “went”, we didn’t know what that meant, we were young, we bought another one

So we lit a Christmas tree and kept the oven light on, that way we could see the blue corn. and the acid in the fridge.

The man in the window across the carpark only showed hands and knees, his room looking directly towards ours, the rest of him in shadow.

So when we strangled a rubber chicken and wrote REDRUM on the window solemnly swearing never tell anyone, of course we agreed.

100 words on the fucking nose, boom


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    Ah pranksters. I used to be adept at that myself. 😉 Still am with the right people. Not to worry about being late, I’m slow getting around this week. Once more you left me laughing.



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