Friday Fictioneers: Tomato Test…

Hey ho folks, I’m back after a brief hiatus in which I accomplished nothing aside from a hangover and a dent in my bank account, there was even a moment I thought i should jack the whole blog thing in but i’ve just paid another years subs, so I can’t and who knows I may end up as a multi award winning author, so thanks for Rochelle and the FF crew for being on my mind most Wednesday mornings; must write must write must write! (even if it stinks even if it stinks even if it stinks!) Also thanks to The Wonderful Dale the ever present lady of mischief who is permanently on my WordPress time line, what a photograph! You Americans are unhinged.

Lets see what I get…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Mrs Pock constructed her son’s Pack-lunch; Babybel, Alpen-bar, Sandwich and some bright red cherry tomatoes, and sent him off to school with his Bike in the luggage compartment of the school bus, she would never see him like that again.

Cycling proficiency day had arrived again, apropos of absolutely nothing really; jack would ride through the woods, certificate or no.

The Cones Course out; the judges standing sternly with clipboards.

Then a massive tomato shaped object dropped out of the sky onto Jack Pock and his Chopper.

The Tomato hummed suspiciously and an aperture on the side appeared to widen.

Well, not sure if its a return to form (whatever that is…) but its 100 words on the nose, enjoy!


  1. First of all… I am NOT an American. Much as I love a number of them, I am not one of them… I am north of that crazy country in one called Canada 😉

    Now, rant over, lemme get to this story. That hum could mean so many things… maybe Jack was a chosen one! No judging against him, he is now in charge of the giant tomato (which is really orange, but that’s ok 😉 )

    You are always so sweet with your intro 🙂

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      • Thats the joke.. So you’re Canadian, that means you must come from Canadia. A friend of mine said he was from Scotland, and the girl he was speaking to said to him “So you must speak Scotlish” I rest my case. Some People are fucking stupid

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      • He he he… Just today, on the radio, I was half-paying attention to, they were talking about pronunciation and how they give leeway to Americans… and that Americans never mind being called Canadians but Canadians hate being called Americans 😉 ‘Tis true, I fear.
        Speaking Scottish… errr… English with an accent or Gaelic 😉
        You know, in her defense, once upon a time you didn’t say Chinese spoke Chinese – you specified Mandarin or Cantonese… not so much now, so I’m told.

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  2. I don’t know which is more enjoyable–your story or the fun comments. Of course, without the one, you couldn’t have the other :).

    May Jack Pock will meet up with Spock. That would be fitting, right?

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