Giving it up, via somebody else.

 The challenge  was and is to remain suitably respectable for a man nearing 50. The barriers that appear in front of me are, in no particular order, booze, crisps, going out with friends, dog walking, motivating myself tin spite of work, and many many other things, which mask to wear. It’s all bullshit of course. Who knows, I know I don’t particularly want to go to a Disco or Nite Spot. but then i’m nearly 50 with bad hearing and so therefore the lord of the dance has deserted me i’m afraid, so  i’ll defer to going to watch the cricket which is loud and in front of you during the day time, but if I do nod off, the roar of the crowd will surely rouse me. Leaving only the blemish of the lack of factor 50 as my reddening face supplies the family reminder through a shitty photo that sun is bad and humans can avoid it, unless they want to look like the people who they follow sin instagram, who actually are all individuals (it’s true, thats what they told me) 

Lets leave it a year or so, lets see if we can enjoy ourselves in this wonderful country for a little while longer, and then if by Valentines year next year everything isn’t back to normal then we’ll have some sort of chat, the government will make some proclamation, and terrible things will happen, but not to the older folk because the government succeeded to cull the weakest and most vulnerable in the summer last year; there’s not so many older folk left.  So as an internet influencer (like myself) i’d like to say “Yay, Biology rocks” without knowing what biology is or what rock is. But they sound good. 

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