Friday Fictioneers: Repetitive future

Morning folks, and devotees, i’ve had a couple of weeks off due to the sporadic nature of my existence, being 50 doesn’t get any easier, thank goodness theres a constant in the form of Rochelle keeping this balloon inflated. So a story in 100 words with a beginning, a middle and an end based on the wonderful shot which is taken today by Carole Erdman-Grant, so here we  are.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“Boom Boom Boom Boom, it’s time to bring on the rush…”

My jaw won’t stop juddering, my hands flexing, there’s a bastard behind my eyes, controlling my vision, and I’m finding it hard to talk, “Waaaaahhhhooooo” Nothing makes any sense. The repetitive beats; relentless, a mate offers me a blag of poppers.

The music’s relentless; over and over…

“This place looks fun”

The colours, the murals, where are the windows, the people? Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom.

“This place looks fun”

“Come on Tom, time to go” gestures the nurse, as I roll back up the ramp, back to…

Can’t remember

There we are, 100 words on the subject of well spent youth and the mental old age which may follow. Its not scientific, I’m not there yet and so could be absolutely fine!!


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